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Open pit mine engineering

What I do

From understanding your requirements, designing a blueprint and delivering the final product, I do everything that falls in between these lines.

Mining Engineering

Sustainably extract mineral resources by planning, designing, organizing, and overseeing mine development Prepare and supervise the extraction of minerals, metals from mines.

Mine design

Designing and choosing the necessary facilities to begin production. Applying design standards directed by mining plans, geography, geology, and government regulations. Assessing the technical and economic practicality of mineral deposit development professionally.

Mine Planning

Strategic decision-making for mining planning, taking into account uncertain metal supply from ore deposits and commodity demand. Use stochastic optimization techniques in designing and scheduling production in mines. Quantify uncertainty and represent ore deposits. Implement stochastic mine optimization techniques in open pit and underground metal mines. Introduce sustainable development and utilization of mineral resources.

Equipment selection

Plan the deployment of mine equipment through thorough analysis of all equipment interactions and identification of potential bottlenecks throughout the value chain. Review various mining scenarios encompassing all interactions and utilize hands-on techniques to optimize equipment selection for successful mine design and planning. Consider researching new and unconventional mining equipment that may be more affordable for certain mining operations.

open pit optimization

Building an economic block model from a resource model. Optimizing the final pit design using the pit optimization software and scheduling. Planning production by developing pushbacks in an open pit mine. Analyzing discount cash flow and calculating present value. Selecting the most cost-effective open pit based on prices and costs.

mining methods selection

Selection, design, and development of mining methods and equipment follow physical, geological, economic, and environmental conditions. Mining method selection considers related production, performance, and cost requirements. Equipment selection depends on the mining method.

My Latest Work

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